What is email marketing?

Email marketing falls under the umbrella term of eCRM, known as ‘electronic customer relationship management’.

Whether you’re selling a product, promoting another brand or just strengthening your client relationships, online campaigns are a great way to communicate to your database.

Any business that is not online virtually doesn’t exist. Being offline hides your company from potential customers, which not only limits your exposure but also caps professional growth.

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ECRM services such as newsletters will start your profits pumping.

Most businesses have web sites and databases and the best way to monetize on this type of ‘PR capital’ is to reach out to your audience through communication. There’s nothing better than a newsletter for instance, as this can grow your database, increase returning site traffic and report on what your audience wants, as well as on their reading habits.

E-marketing campaigns through online newsletters are cost effective and immediate. Every aspect of the campaign can be tracked and Internet users access their email accounts at least once a day. Proactively targeting your audience in this way will guarantee a higher user response than simply waiting for the traffic to come to you, especially if your projected daily site visits are low. With direct e-marketing you are approaching the customer so the product that you want to sell or the message that you want to advertise can be pushed a little more effectively than on the site. The conversion rates are also potentially stronger.

Another great thing about email campaigns is that it provides a ‘voice’ for the business. Whether you want to take a soft sell or an aggressive approach, it all adds to the projected persona of your company. This tone will be determined in turn will reflect your audience demographics and its reading habits.

Signing up to your competitors’ newsletters is great research and will also give you more of an edge in understanding your market and where you sit within it.

Apart from announcements and updates, newsletters work best for retail companies where traffic is incentivized, which is why email campaigns are useless without tracking. In optimizing your database’s purchasing potential, it’s important to trace readers’ responses to know what buyers want. Understanding this information will yield repeating business, which will in turn generate higher profits.

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