The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

Are you an Email Marketing sinner? If you’ve been in the game as long as we have you have definitely been guilty of poor email practices in the past. Well, now is the time to repent sinners!

Read our 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing and save yourself from Spam Hell!

1. Boring subject lines

A strong subject line is pivotal to a successful email campaign. Your email subject line should succinctly sum up the content of your email in a way that sparks your readers interest enough to make that split second to decision to open your email and start reading.

2. Bad timing

The timing is crucial to your email dispatch. For best results, try to be consistent and choose the same time of the day/week/month so that readers know when to expect mail from you.

3. Too many dispatches!

Don’t exhaust your database with too many dispatches. This will only annoy your readers and they’ll end up unsubscribing from your mailing list just to escape you!

4. Out-of-date mailing lists

Keeping your email database clean and up-to-date is a must if you are going to maintain the reputation of your list. Use your email bounce reports to find and delete the dud email addresses that bounce back.

5. Bland content

Create appealing content, not junk mail! Boring copywriting and lackluster consumer offers will turn-off your readers and send them running to the Unsubscribe button.

6. Coding errors

Coding for emails is completely different from coding for web and all the different email clients have their own quirks. The only answer is to test, test and test again!

7. Too many images!

There are plenty of arguments about the right ratio of images to text but all email marketing professionals agree that you should aim to keep images to a minimum.

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