6 Rookie Mistakes of Email Newsletters

Morning specialises in cutting edge coding and design to guarantee the highest delivery, open and click through rates for your e-marketing campaign. Our studio is on the pulse of all web trends so we’ll never fail to impress and deliver. Relentless perfectionists, we can tailor our techniques to suit any of your media needs.

If your email marketing is experiencing any of these rookie problems, then give your marketing a wake up call from Morning.

Incompatible webmail programs

There are hundreds of different email programs available, but realistically you only need to test your email for the main 10 to ensure that the majority of readers will be able to access your newsletters. Not only do we conduct testing in all mail clients for compatibility, we also check them for spam. Every program will render HTML differently and they also change their spam criteria daily.

Blocked Images

Most email programs default to imaging off so do not rely solely on graphics to carry your call to action. A combination of our crafty copy skills and top notch designing will break through this barrier to reach the results you need.

Incorrect Text to Image Ratio

As most images are blocked by default, you should never send a mailer mostly comprised of images, or one large image. Graphics are rated higher than junk words in the spam filter, so a mailer made up solely of one image will have the entire email bounced and your IP blacklisted. Morning Copy knows how to mix suitably compressed images with flawless HTML to create the perfectly balanced mailer.

Broken Content

Over zealous designers will forget that they’re actually coding a mailer. Features which require additional applications to run will get flagged for spam, restricted by anti-virus agents and will also ruin the email as most recipients may not have these extras. Morning Copy have developed unique techniques to achieve the look and feel you want, without damaging code integrity.

Missing Company Info

Visible unsubscribe links are imperative, as is company contact information. Make your campaign as legitimate as possible to avoid the spam police. All these details should appear together with a link to your terms and conditions, as well as permission info reminding recipients how they opted in.

Incorrect Sizing

The basics of Web Design 101: make sure your email fits all the different preview browsers. Nothing wider that 600 pixels is best practice and make sure that the most important information (like the CTA and your logo) appears above the fold. Design and development at Morning Copy is the industry’s best. We specialise in building bespoke creative, using the basics effectively in just one preview frame to bring you results.