Stay safe and secure with your HTTPS certificate

How private are the interactions between your website and your users? HTTPS now plays a central role in how your site ranks and how confident users are in your site security. If you have not switched to HTTPS your site is about to take a hit.

Does your website look trustworthy to users? If you do not have HTTPS protection, all that may be about to change. Google is changing the visual cues in their Chrome browser to mark all websites without an HTTPS certificate as ‘not secure’. If you have not got your HTTPS certificate – now is the time to act.

Why HTTPS is a must-have

Recently we wrote an article about why you should secure your site with SSL. As with all changes in the ‘webisphere’, updates flow quickly. Now we know that getting your HTTPS certificate is key to ensuring users continue to see your website as a safe secure source they can trust. Google has advised that sites without HTTPS certificate will be marked in red as ‘not secure’. It should be important to you that users consider your website, and by proxy your brand, to be considered trustworthy.

What is HTTPS?

All website users want and deserve a secure connection. One that allows them to interact with your website in total privacy. That means that no-one else can eavesdrop on their data or crack the privacy of their interactions with your site. Here is where HTTPS comes in. When your site is protected by HTTPS, all data is encrypted and communications between your website and users’ computers are kept strictly private. This eliminates the threat of hacking or data stealing.

HTTPS uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure authentication of every website/user connection before any communications proceed.

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