Maximise your business impact on Instagram

Have you got onto Instagram yet? If not, it may be high time that you tapped into this goldmine of valuable business connections. To get you started we have put together three easy, yet high-impact steps to maximise your impact on Instagram.

Important audiences are waiting for you on Instagram right now. No matter what your business size or scope, you can glean plenty from your Instagram presence.

Business benefits like:

  • Engaging with clients and potential clients
  • Networking with collaborators and influencers
  • Showcasing products and services
  • Enriching connections and sharing with key stakeholders

Ready to ramp up your business cut-through? Here are three ways to maximise your impact on Instagram:

1: Network and engage. You know how to work the room at networking events. Strike up conversation. Lean in to the interests of your clients and collaborators – not just those related to business either, but personal interests too. Well it is exactly the same on Instagram. Network with important audiences by commenting on their images, engage one-on-one with key clients and targets, connect with the same communities of which your audiences are already a part.

2: Use hashtags wisely. Hashtags act as a search mechanism for Instagram to connect relevant businesses and users. Many hashtags are highly crowded which makes it challenging to get the cut-through you want. So don’t join the masses. Instead, look for long-tail hashtags niche to your industry that do not have hoards of competitors riding the same train. Location-specific hashtags are a great way to hone in on local audiences. For example, trade #digitalagency for more niche alternatives like #digitalagencysydney or #digitalagencylife.

3: Showcase your culture or location. All work and no play or personal touch could make your brand a little sterile. Instagram is a great platform on which to humanise your brand by letting followers see more of who you are. Let followers and prospective clients take an inside look into your culture, your team, your work space, your location. Images and videos that showcase such things start conversations about your business, strengthens audience loyalty to your brand and builds meaningful connections. At Morning Studio, we are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia – Byron Bay. We love to share stunning landscape shots of our location and surrounds.

Ready to maximise your impact on Instagram? Speak to Morning Studio for more strategic ideas and why not follow us on Instagram too.