Meet Asana – our new ace

Asana: one little word, so many huge advantages. At Morning Studio, we recently made the switch to Asana as our project management system. Little could we have guessed what a huge ace in the hole Asana would prove to be. Suffice to say, since we made the switch there is no looking back, and we love having Asana on our team.

So what makes Asana such an asset? Here are some of the ‘greatest hits’ Asana has brought to Morning Studio – and can bring to your business too.

To-do lists

If you are anything like us, to-do lists are a business staple. But Asana has brought us next level to-do list technology. No matter how simple or how complex your to-do list, Asana will completely transform how you put your list together. You can assign tasks to specific people, so simply loop in all the team mates that are going to play a part in delivering on specific to-do list tasks. Due dates are a cinch to set, even when you have recurring deadlines from week to week, month to month or more. Identify and manage sub-tasks within a main task and link work back to larger projects that you have on the go. This is to-do lists as you have never known them before. Asana gives you assurance that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Utmost usability

Ready to work easier? Asana makes it happen right from the get-go. Forget outlaying downtime as you get to know a new work management system. From the moment we logged on to Asana, we knew exactly what to do. Asana may be a complex multi-capability online tool but it is as intuitive and user-friendly as systems come. Clear simple design lets you see immediately where you need to go. Rather than blinding you with science, Asana reveals advanced features only when you need them. Simply scan a page and you will instantly see what you need.

Chrome browser add-on

The Chrome browser add-on is a real game-changer. You can pop new to-dos into Asana directly from email or any web page. You can whip in all text and attachments to Asana from email or a URL too so everything you need is right there in one spot. You don’t have to refer back to the source message or web page. Talk about ease!

Let’s get personal

Asana is so efficient and easy that we think it’s too good to be used for work alone. So we use it to keep our personal lives humming along like a well oiled machine too. Geek alert, yes but we just don’t care. We are too busy enjoying the good life. Think a dynamic shopping list that you and any family member can add t on the fly. Simply tick off your purchases when you’ve done the groceries. Now everyone in your household knows for sure whether or not you need milk or fresh bread. Imagine, no more getting caught short on those pantry or fridge essentials.

Asana has transformed our work and lives. This is just a glimpse of what this stellar work management tool has to offer. Why not look into Asana’s many other capabilities. Proceed with excitement!