Email marketing know-how for subject lines

Want to amp up your email marketing cut-through? The next best thing to having an email marketing developer on-board is having essential email marketing developer know-how yourself.

Getting the email subject line right is mission-critical. That is why we have put together five key steps to enhancing your email marketing with top subject line techniques:

Nail the question

Subject lines that ask a question can be a great way to directly hit home with your audience. But only when you ask the right question. Your question-based subject line needs to be relevant to your reader and their experiences and behaviours. It should resonate with a reader and pique their curiosity enough to read on.

Get personal

A personalised subject heading can be a real ace up your sleeve. No reader can fail to have their eye caught by their own name right up there in lights. This instantly creates a sense of relevance, sincerity and that all-important personal touch.

The number

If we sent you an email with the subject-line 5 essential steps to enhance your email marketing, would that get you to click through? We hope so! In just one line we would set up your expectations for the content to follow, while setting the structure for our email marketing piece. Just like that. But be sure to know the value of the number you use. Readers don’t want to wade through 30 ways to speed up their website.


Emojis are all the rage when it comes to social media and texting – and they certainly have their place in email marketing too. The right emoji in your subject line can be fun, engaging and attention-grabbing. But any email marketing developer worth their salt knows that testing any subject line emoji before sending is vital. After all, recipients on your email list will likely use a wealth of different email platforms between them. Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird and so many more. Emojis in subject lines will not always appear the same between email platforms. So if your recipient’s platform does not support your chosen emoji, the subject line may appear with a ☐ instead of your emoji. Or even just the word ‘emoji’ instead of the image. Really defeats the purpose of crafting a punch-packing subject line! So just be sure to test your emoji subject lines prior to sending.

Analysis has the answers

The past holds the key to the future. That’s right, analysis is a fundamental technique. Look to your past email marketing campaigns and analyse results to see what works. Which subject lines resonated the most with your audience? What are the characteristics of the audience members who click-through and/or were converted? You can apply your learnings of what has worked best in the past to optimise the success of future campaigns.

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