What is a domain host?

So, your web developer has asked you to provide your ‘domain host’ information. What is a domain host and how is it different to your web host?

Your ‘domain host’ is the service that manages your website’s domain name.

For example, the domain name for the website you are currently reading is is morningstudio.com.au and our domain is hosted by the good people at DNSimple.

Domain hosts use DNS (Domain Name System) records to connect your domain name with your website, your email addresses, and a host of other web services.

In Australia, the most popular hosts are:

  • Netregistry
  • Crazy Domains
  • Cheap Domains and;
  • Blue Host

Internationally, the most popular hosts are:

  • GoDaddy
  • DreamHost
  • 1&1 and;
  • 123 Reg

Web Hosting is different to domain hosting. Your ‘web host’ stores all the files and software required to run your website and serves it to the internet.

Often times your domain and web hosting are hosted with the same company but for many reasons, each service can be hosted separately.

If you have lost your records or forgotten where your domain name is hosted you can use a free service like WhoIs to look up details about the domain registration including where it is hosted.

If you need help tracking down your domain host registrar please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team!