Why Chrome is our target browser

At Morning Studio, we use Chrome as our ‘target browser’ and test other browsers after Chrome version is production-ready. Here’s why!

Speed of development

When we utilize a single target browser we can finalize how a site should look and run for all users. This means that if a bug is raised it can be replicated in an instant rather than needing to know what browser and use-case the reporting user has done to see the error on their device.

If we were to iteratively test every browser that we support (+20) during the development phase it would add approximately 5 times more work hours to the project and this would impact the cost of the project.

All Devices

Chrome runs on all devices from Desktop PC, to Mac, to iPhone to the cheapest Android tablet on the market. We test the site on all devices and a different screen sizes throughout development.


In 2019, Chrome is by far the most popular web browser on Desktop and Mobile:

BrowserUser Share

Development Tools

In its DevTools package, Chrome offers the most comprehensive set of web development and debugging of any browser on the market.


The Chrome project was initiated after the other major players were already on the market for many years. For this reason, Chrome has incorporated the same approach to rendering of HTML and CSS as its competitors. This means that 99/100 the rendered styling and layout that appears on Chrome will appear identically in other browsers.