Finishing up Fig & Cherry

After more than a decade of lip smacking stories, I’ve decided to archive my food blog completely.

Fig & Cherry was my little food baby from 2007 to 2018 – way before I became a parent to human children. I started it when there was only a handful of bloggers from any genre in Sydney and across the globe.

It was an amazing platform to connect to other food lovers in person and via the comments. Through it, I reviewed amazing restaurants, attended media events and famils, tested appliances, tasted delicious new products and cooked up a storm at home.

Not to mention attended private cooking classes with famous chefs (Tetsuya being a highlight), running workshops at preschools to teach parents how to pack healthy lunchboxes, and becoming a regular contributor to EatWell and WellBeing Magazines.

The food industry and blogging community in 2021 is not what it was in my early blogging days. I don’t want to be influencing anyone or telling people what or how to eat. It’s all a bit bonkers.

So now it’s time to for me to officially say goodbye to those mouth-watering times by archiving the blog.

These days I’m narrowing my focus in on my two children and running the family business with my beautiful husband. Oh, and playing a bit of soccer.

If, however, you’ve got a recipe that you want to access that’s now missing – please get in touch. I’ll happily email it to you.