Get to know Google Data Studio

If you need to present data – and which business doesn’t have to in some way – then chances are you have heard mention of Google Data Studio.

If you haven’t, then now is the perfect time to get across this data presentation tool. Read on to learn more about Google Data Studio, what it does and what it can achieve for you and your business.

What is Google Data Studio?

Centralising data from multiple sources can certainly make presentation more simple and effective. Google Data Studio does just that. This clever data tool unites all your data collection efforts into a single centralised dashboard. Thanks to such efficient streamlining, you can create a beautifully presented, real-time interactive report and still have the freedom to pour valuable time into your business. Meanwhile your internal staff can more easily source, understand and act on key integrated data while you achieve smart up-to-the-minute client reporting.

Google Data Studio benefits

Data is a vital ingredient of modern business, especially in today’s digital age. But data can also be confusing and downright overwhelming. Google Data Studio cuts through the clutter to help your business do data better. Both your team and your clients will relish the newfound ease with which they can get a total real-time view of key business data. And ease is what Google Data Studio is all about. This tool lets you generate data reports that are:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to customise
  • Easy to share
  • Easy to update – in fact, real time data source updates are automated

Are there any limitations?

Google Data Studio lets you do a lot but it does not enable data blending – and this is a distinct downside. Data blending packs maximum punch when it comes to dashboard reporting. With data blending capability you can connect and compare data from a variety of sources to pinpoint commonalities. Without this function, you can only achieve limited insights and data intelligence. That said, Google Data Studio still brings you a bunch of great data-driven benefits as we’ve outlined above and it has the makings of being a valuable asset in your data reporting mix.

Now’s the time to present your data in pioneering ways for breakthrough business outcomes. Get in touch with the Morning Studio team to learn more.