Dynamic reports with Google Data Studio

Google is giving you another great tool to help you grow your business and deliver data more effectively. Power your business with a dynamic data analytics dashboard courtesy of Google Data Studio. It is completely free but comes packed with business benefits.

Google Data Studio lets you connect with, analyse and share key data in consumable reports that look exceptional. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner at creating data reports or simply looking for a better way. Google Data Studio delivers you data reports that tick all the boxes. We use it ourselves here at Morning Studio. Here are three reasons why we do:

Data connectivity

Multiple data sources: one report. Google Data Studio has an extensive library of data connectors. That means you can draw together data from multiple reports into one simple all-encompassing view. Collect and compare data from AdWords, Soundcloud, YouTube and even third party sites like Twitter and Adroll. Because you have total data integration, you can get greater insights and make better business decisions.

Real-time updates

No more waiting for data updates. Thanks to dynamic reports, all data source updates are shown instantaneously wherever that source is referenced. As a digital agency, this makes sharing up-to-the-minute data with our clients oh so simple. Forget the downtime that can come from saving and viewing clunky PDFs. All we do now is email a link to our clients and they can view real time data reports online any time, anywhere. Data collaboration and sharing has never been this easy.

Complete customisation

Want total control of your dashboard? We sure do, especially if we are preparing data dashboards and reports for clients’ internal use. Imagine presenting dashboards that reflect your client’s corporate font and brand colours. With a host of crisp clean professional-looking dashboard templates to choose from, your clients will think you put a graphic designer on the job.

Present your data in pioneering ways for breakthrough business outcomes. Get in touch with the Morning Studio team to learn more.