Google Data Studio vs Google Analytics

Handling your business data can feel like treading water in a swamp, but digital technologies have definitely delivered tools to make integrated data insights and reporting, easier.

Google Analytics is one such tool that has been kicking around for a while. More recently, Google Data Studio burst on the scene offering to further simplify your dances with data. So which tool should you be putting to work in your agency space?

Analytics alone or more data integration?

Google Analytics is a valuable tool when it comes to collating and reporting on its namesake, analytics. But you are limited to a maximum number of widgets for reporting and rows of data per table. Google Data Studio turns all that on its head by offering unlimited charts, tables and rows of data. Perfect for us agency folk who do not relish being restricted.

One of the key ways that Google Data Studio breaks new ground is that it allows you to import data from a host of different sources – not just analytics: Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook and many more. That means you get a whole cross-section of information to work with, and the big picture is simple to see. Add to this, the fact that Google Data Studio reports are dynamic, and update in real time whenever a data source is changed – and you have all the ingredients for truly dynamic integrated reporting that sails well past just pure analytics.

Share and share alike

Google Data Studio hands you effortless ease in sharing and collaborating on data reports with others. Yet you can still maintain tight control of how each individual user can interact with your reports. You assign the viewing and editing boundaries that you see fit. No more providing password privileges to collaborators. Just perfect for the agency space where we have both clients and collaborators needing to feed into data reporting.

Simply stunning data reports

Google Analytics is a strong functional data tool yet wouldn’t it be nice to bring a bit of flair to the picture too? Google Data Studio injects some highly welcome excitement into data reporting. You get a blank canvas from which to build every report and full customisation. Add filters, metrics, borders, fonts, backgrounds and so much more to make your data reports as visually appealing as they are dynamically comprehensive. Read our full blog post on this here.

As the newest addition to the Google Analytics 360 Suite, we think Google Data Studio has many praises to be sung. It is free, flexible and we even dare to say fun to use while bringing supreme simplification to your data reporting. Want a customised report template for your business? Get in touch with the Morning Studio team today for a chat.